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Work Spaces

Private Offices

Our Private Offices are designed to provide a productive and professional environment for individuals or teams seeking a dedicated workspace. Fully furnished and secluded, these offices are ideal for those looking for focus and privacy, allowing for maximized productivity and a personalized work experience.

Coworking Spaces

Our Coworking Spaces offer a dynamic and collaborative environment, Indoor and Outdoor options are available. Ideal for individuals who thrive in a community setting. These spaces are designed to foster interaction and networking, providing access to shared amenities and opportunities for collaboration and learning, making it a suitable option for freelancers, remote workers, and small startups.

Fethiye Cowork and Meetings Center : Likya offers Tailored Workspaces to Suit Every Professional Need

Private Desks

Our private desks offer a dedicated cowork space in Fethiye, ideal for individuals seeking focus and consistency, complete with ergonomic furniture and ample storage.


Private Offices

Our secluded, fully furnished private offices in Fethiye City Center, are suitable for individuals or small teams, providing a professional environment to maximize productivity.

1 - 4

Free Meeting Booths

Free Cabins for online calls and meetings. Meeting booths give you a quiet space to make private phone calls, participate in video calls, or just take a quick break without distraction. Included in the price.


Meeting Room

Our well-equipped Meeting Room with Smart Screen is available for booking, providing a professional setting for meetings, trainings, and presentations in Fethiye City Center.

1 - 14

Event Room

Our spacious Event Room, equipped with advanced Epson Projection Equipment, is ideal for hosting larger meetings, workshops, and seminars, meeting high standards of professionalism.

2 - 40

Virtual Office

Our virtual office solution provides businesses and individuals with a prestigious address and essential services, ideal for those looking to establish a professional presence without the need for a physical workspace.

Likya CoWork Location in Fethiye City Center

Our unique Coworking Space is at the heart of Fethiye. Enjoy our central location by walking to along the Marina, Sea Shore, Ugur Mumcu Park, Beskaza Square, Fish Market which is hosting many music and entertainment organisations. There are variety of restaurants, cafeterias, big markets and shops located in our neighborhood. When you are tired of working, just take a walk along the seaside and easily come back to your central Office in Fethiye.

Coworking Space

  • Dynamic & Collaborative: A vibrant environment that encourages networking and idea-sharing.
  • Flexible Seating: Choose from open desks or communal tables based on your preference. Yo can also have your dedicated desk to yourself.
  • Resource-Rich: Access to high-speed internet, printers, and other essential tools.

400 TL

Full Day

Private Offices

  • Secluded Environment: Ideal for focused work and confidentiality.
  • Professional Setting: Suitable for individuals or small teams.
  • Amenities Included: Access to common areas, kitchen, and other facilities.

From 14.900 TL


Meeting Rooms

  • Extensive Space: Exclusive workspace for larger teams or businesses.
  • Private & Exclusive: Ensures privacy and a customizable work environment.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Enjoy access to all facilities and services provided.

400 TL

Per Hour

Fethiye Likya Coworking Indoor Space

Likya CoWork Station On Demand

Desk Space When You Need It

Only 5500 TL per Month

Common Spaces & Utilities

Fiber Internet

We offer ultra-fast, reliable fiber WiFi with both wired and wireless connections, boasting 3000 Mbps download and 180 Mbps upload speeds. Also 4 routers to secure your internet connection quality. This ensures smooth, uninterrupted online experiences, whether you are conducting virtual meetings, streaming content, or transferring large files.


Our coworking space provides complimentary photocopying and printing services, allowing members to easily manage their documentation needs. This service is aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency for our members.


Sound insulation

Our spaces are equipped with insulated glass that significantly reduces environmental noise, ensuring a quiet and focused working environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who require a serene atmosphere to concentrate and produce their best work.

Coffee Bar

Our cafe offers unlimited tea and coffee service, ensuring that our members stay refreshed and energized throughout the day. It’s a place where members can relax, socialize, and share ideas over a warm beverage.

Meeting Rooms

Our two Meeting Rooms are equipped with a smart board and projection facilities, enabling effective and interactive presentations. This space is designed to facilitate learning, discussion, and collaboration among members.

Personal lockers

We provide personalized lockers for securely storing your belongings. These cabinets are designed to offer peace of mind, allowing members to focus on their work without worrying about the safety of their possessions.


Situated in the heart of Fethiye, our coworking space offers a central and convenient location, making it easily accessible and close to a variety of amenities and services.

Air Conditioning

8 airconditioners to cool down and heat coworking space, meeting room, seminar room and offices.

Out-Door Cowork Space

Our beautiful outdoor coworking space is covered in glass. We can wind down the glass and enjoy working in fresh weather.

Zoom Booths

Cabins for online calls. Phone booths give you a quiet space to make private phone calls, participate in short video calls, or just take a quick break without distraction.

Parking Place

There is an open space municipality car parking space just in front of our Office. You can park your bicycle and motorbike at our backyard.


Three comfortable lounges and library to relax and read different subjects


"Likya Workstation is a great place when you want to work during your stay in Fethiye. It provides a very nice and modern work environment, super fast and stable internet as well as comfortable desks. If you need a quiet and private environment they also offer separate meeting rooms.
The place is very clean, the staff is super friendly and helpful and they serve amazing Turkish coffee and tea.
Also the location of Likya Workstation is great. It is right in the center of Fethiye, close to the port and there are a lot of small cafés and restaurants around if you want to have a quick lunch.
I can highly recommend Likya Workstation and will definitely come back."

"Likya Work Station truly provides an amazing working environment. As someone who spends long hours at the desk due to my job, a clean workspace is highly important to me. When I enter here every morning, I encounter a spacious environment. Everything being in its place motivates me. Additionally, the ambiance of the space is very pleasant and soothing.

Moreover, the internet speed is quite impressive. Having a fast and stable internet connection enhances my productivity. I can quickly access my projects and easily communicate with my colleagues.

Great emphasis is placed on keeping the workspace clean, which is comforting from a hygiene perspective and provides a healthy working environment.

In conclusion, this workspace is an excellent place for me. Factors such as cleanliness, beautiful decor, and fast internet boost my work efficiency and help me maintain high motivation. Working here is truly enjoyable!"

"Great place for work. Convenient space, not too big, but you have everything you need. 100Mbit internet line. Location is awesome: central Fethiye - you can enjoy walking streets around, plenty of cafes and shops, a park and a pier nearby."

Virtual Office

Move your Company Address to our Premium Address and Meet your Clients in a Central and Professional place.  Receive Business Mail and Packages at our location. Prices are starting from 7000 + VAT TL Annually. Ask for other options.


Day Pass
Dedicated Desk
Private Offices
Zoom Booths
Meeting Room
Event Room

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